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Auteur Discussion:The illusion into
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Publier The illusion into
le: May 16, 2019, 08:39

The illusion into the wind, along the old lane, whether there is always trivial in the dream, is it accustomed to turn a blind eye, but then there is always regret, have not had time to take another look Marlboro Gold. The time has changed and the total time will not go back. The total time that will be taken away will not be retained. Spring flower language, summer flower rhyme, autumn flower soul, winter flowers fall and fall, is a unique love song, when I follow the memory, perhaps looking for dreams, or intuition, as scheduled to come to this agreement, the wreckage may be its implications Your smile, painful intentions, wishfulness to become a secret, but also dust in the annual ring, and finally, I also care about the agreement hidden in the night, perhaps through the black and white, also have old people, old time, empty city Changed, silent crying, I am also sad, old road, old street scene, wasteland, still desolate, lonely flowers, lonely moon will be lonely, old dreams, old lakeside, now the mirror can not reflect the white light, the old night, recall the starry sky Listen to you gently telling, deep in those memories, not to give up, when the flowers fall, the flowers bloom, the flowering season is full of emotions Newport 100S, the most beautiful thing in the story is the flower stone amber, which contains the time to pass, turn to night, then one person Looking up at the ice moon Marlboro Red, who is using the soul to wait for you, there is always a feeling of dreamlessness Carton Of Cigarettes, a month of incompleteness and other rewards, but the moon is full but there is a parting of this beauty is not another person playing "Moonlight", just the melody The slight tremor is different. It is the long time that the keys that have not touched open the piano, the vibrato of the black and white keys are staggered, is it a flower that blooms? Will it never fade? It opened the dust for a long time with pain. The memory, but never found a back that looks like a dandelion, even can not see the blurred vision, the illusion of tears without warning, splashing down very cold, when I read through the memory has been yellowed Diary, it��s a pity that you lost the record and lost the agreement. In the sunset, whoever took this difficult feeling, I also cried, not because of weakness, but because I was strong for too long, I also wanted to find Back to the old memory, can you be as complete as the dream from the starting point of the harbor Cigarettes For Sale, the years have passed to the old port no one, the old road has no trace. The sound of rain fell, the wind blew very carefully, the waves began to rise, the singer rang, and the whistle came from afar, the light illusion was lit up; the lost appearance, the faded red dress, the remaining face, the flower fell There are words and no words, lonely and sad, no cover, the old days of dreams, still nostalgia, today's water moon, broken and no sense. Re-enter the old dream, only to find the way to remember, not to be broken.

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